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Teya Kaye is anything but shy. All natural, with a bright smile and a sunny personality, she’s the kind of girl who is open for any type of conversation with anyone. Canada really has some amazing girls, and Teya is one of them. “I was born in Canada, but I was raised in Florida, so I’m in love with the sun and the beaches. Growing up, I was always at the beach, and I practically lived in my bathing suit.”

On a secluded beach, Kristie Taylor finds a shady spot to get comfortable. A gentle breeze plays with her hair and caresses her skin, putting her in a seductive mood – and that sensual attitude shines through in every pic. Behind the scenes of her Playboy shoot, Teya Kaye talks about how she got her sexy booty, and what she likes to do with it. Her cute butt isn’t all she has going for her – every inch of this flirtatious blonde is sweet and sensuous. To see more of Teya, head over to Playboy+

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